Saturday, February 11, 2012

We had our first meeting of the month tonight. A few things to take note of:

-Ag Council is looking for a faculty rep, email Adam Grimm ASAP with any suggestions you have.

-We had the privilege of having Brent Cunningham of ISU Rec Services come and speak to us. Brent is the Turf Coordinator for Rec Services, he is looking for 2 students to work starting in March. If this is something you are interested in or have questions, you can reach Brent at: 111 Lied Rec Services. Phone: 515-294-4247 Cell: 515-451-7280 Email:

STMA Reimbursement- Forms NEED to be in ASAP (they should have been turned in at the meeting). Please get those in as soon as possible (No later than Friday) because it takes about a month before we get the money back.

GCSAA Conference- Coming up quickly. February 28th thru March 2nd. If you are going and have not become an member of the GCSAA, do so, cost is as low as $30 for a student membership. If you are participating in the Turf Bowl please register for the Educational Conference as soon as possible. Turf Bowl study sessions are being held every Monday at 6:00 pm in 118.

For those going to the conference, on March 1st at 3:00 pm we need to be at the Toro booth.

Horticulture Banquet- April 5, 2012 we will be joining the Hort Club in participating in this banquet. Jeff Johnson, President and CEO of the ISU Alumni Association will be speaking.

-A motion was passed to have the Turf Club pay $11.50 per person, in the club, to attend.

Scholarships- College of Ag and Life Sciences Scholarships are due February 15th. Any troubles finding them, see Barb or Dr. Christians.

Fund Raising- Ideas to keep in mind: Reiman Garden app in Mid April. Golf Outing/ Cook out this coming spring, more details to come.