Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Meeting Notes from the meeting September 8th, 2014

Welcome back! We hope everyone enjoyed their summer and are settled in for another semester of school.
Today was our first Turf Club meeting where we covered a lot of important material about upcoming events/scholarships.

Upcoming Scholarships:
- Iowa Turfgrass Institute ISTMA scholarship is due October 31st. Better to get this done and turned in ahead of time.
- SAFE scholarship due October 15th 
- Iowa GCSAA scholarship due October 31st

Upcoming events:
- CALS week is September 30th - October 3rd
- Ag career day is on October 14th from 9am-3pm in Lied Recreation Center.
- Reiman Garden applications this fall and one more in spring. Attendance is strongly encouraged because this will help pay for STMA and GCSAA trips next year. 
- We talked about possible fundraising events of working on the Ames High School and Gilbert High School baseball fields. More information soon to come.
- ISTMA Fall workshop is on September 16th at the Kickers Soccer Complex in Iowa City. Starts at 8 am and there's a $20 registration fee. The deadline will be on Wednesday, September 10th.
- STMA trip will take place on January 13th-16th in Denver, CO.
- GCSAA trip will take place on February 23rd-26th in San Antonio, TX. 

Thanks to everyone who showed up today! There were a lot of new faces and we appreciate your interest in Turf Club. We look forward to another great year. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Meeting Tomorrow 2-11-2014

Hey everyone, There will be a meeting tomorrow night at 6:00. Now that all the conferences are complete we will be going over what the rest of the year holds. Everybody should try to make it. See you there!