Thursday, December 12, 2013

Good Morning Everyone,

I met with the Derek Harmon Scholarship Committee last night and have some important dates for you to put in your calenders. The golf event will be held on Saturday, April 26. Registration will begin at 11:00 am with a 12:00 noon shotgun start. The turf club will be responsible for the bag drop. This means that everyone participating in the event should arrive early to help out.

The scholarship applications will be posted around the time everyone returns from Christmas break. I will send out an email once they are posted. Applications will be due on Thursday, April 10I need to ask where they need to be turned in at. The scholarship recipients will be announced after the golf event during the awards ceremony.

The scholarship is only for undergraduate students that are attending ISU and are enrolled in the turfgrass program. After speaking with the committee last night, everyone in the program is encouraged to apply. For some of you who feel your GPA is not as high as other students, do not keep this from preventing you from applying. The GPA section does not weigh very much. They are looking for students who are dedicated to Iowa State and the Turfgrass Program.

I will discuss the event in further detail at future turf club meetings. For now, I just wanted everyone to know the dates and times. If any of you have any questions and/or comments about the outing, feel free to contact me at anytime.



Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Minutes for October 29, 2013 Meeting

Turf Club Minutes

Scholarship Applications
  • Thursday, today is the last possible day to get your ITI, IGCSA, and ISTMA scholarship applications in. This does not take long to do and there is quite a bit of money in these scholarships and if you aren’t a senior it would be wise to fill them out. Turn your applications in to Nick or Dan at some point today.
  • For those of you attending the STMA trip you need to get your $150 deposit for the trip to Spencer as soon as possible. This deposit is just to secure your spot and if enough funding is raised you will receive the deposit back. Go to the turf club events to receive funding!
Reiman Gardens
  • The last Reiman app will be tomorrow at 3:00 pm. We will be doing a broadcast application as well as a sprayer app. If you have you Chemical applicators license please attend.
  • If you can’t come at three we need people to help get everything loaded and brought over to Reiman earlier in the day, so the ability to pick up hours is still there.
United Way Auction
  • We have chosen November 2nd as the day to fulfill the 10 hours of yard work. This means if we get ten people there we will only be there for 1 hour. Look for info to come soon about the meeting place and time. These hours will also be added to the trips if you attend.
  • Turf club apparel order forms have been sent. Clothes should be here somewhat soon

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Order of the Knoll

   This year the ISU Turf Club was asked to represent the Ag. College at the Order of the Knoll event. The Order of the Knoll is a group of the largest contributors and each year they come together for an annual dinner and awards ceremony. This year it was held at Hilton Coliseum on October 4, 2013. Kevin Hansen, Evan Alderman, Joel Rieker, and Spencer Nelson represented the ISU Turf Club at our booth.  

Left to Right: Kevin, Joel, Spencer
Right to Left: Evan, Spencer 
Evan and Spencer showing alumni turf samples

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Turf Club Meeting 9/17/13

For those of you who could not make it to the meeting here is what was discussed

Fall Golf Outing
  • This Saturday 9/21/13
  • Indian Creek in Nevada
  • Tee Off at 9:00 am
  • $35 gets you 18 holes as well as a sack lunch
  • This is an opportunity to get to know your fellow turf students as well as a chance to bring friends and family for cheap golf.
  • Let Spencer know by Wednesday night (9/18) if you want to play

ISTMA Workshop
  • Thursday 9/19/13  It is THIS THURSDAY. Please let Nick or Dan know ASAP if you would like to attend
  • Cost is $20 per student
  • This workshop is a great way to learn more about the industry as well as network with future employers.
  • Hosted by Tim VanLoo at the new athletic field complex

  • We decided to sell raffle tickets for the signed flag from the Reno Tahoe Open that Spencer and Andrew brought back from their internship
  • Cost was over $120 to get it framed so we need to sell tickets to try and get a profit from it.
  • Cost is $5 a ticket or 5 tickets for $20
  • The Drawing will be held on January 30th at the IGCSA conference

  • These Scholarship applications are all due October 31st
  • Some of these require an Advisor support letter so get started and talk to Nick soon.

Logo Problems
  • We are now able to use the ISU logo so we decided to keep them the same as last year.
  • More info on clothing to come soon

United Way Auction
  • As a Club we voted to donate a total of 10 hours to the United Way Auction.
  • This means that in the near future we will need volunteers to do fall cleanup for whoever buys those hours at the auction
  • Keep in mind that these hours worked will go towards the STMA and GCSAA trips for whoever is able to help.

Turf Bowl and STMA Trips
  • For those interested in going on the trips you need to register as a member of either the GCSAA or the STMA in order to go. Do this now before the trips sneak up on us.
  • STMA cost $25
  • GCSAA cost $30

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Powerpoint from Tuesday's meeting

First Turf Club meeting September 3, 2013

Turf Club Minutes
Tuesday, September 3rd

Rieman Garden App.

·         Took place at 3:00 this afternoon (9/5)
·         This was be a single product granular app so which took an hour to apply
·         Keep in mind that attendance to these projects counts towards the GCSAA and STMA trips and will help dramatically cut down the cost of the trips.

Turf Bowl and STMA

·         We are trying to get a rough estimate on how many people are planning on going on the trips this year. If you are planning on going or want to find out more contact Spencer.
·         Turf Bowl is February 3-6 this year and will be in Orlando, Florida.
·         STMA is January 22-24 and will be in San Antonio, Texas.
·         Studying for both of these will start up within the next couple of weeks so continue checking your email to find out more info on the study sessions.

Golf Outing

·         September 21st is the date chosen for the fall golf outing this year
·         The three courses mentioned at the meeting were Indian Hills, Veenker, and Honey Creek. If you have any other ideas for the outing let Spencer Nielson know immediately as this outing is already being planned.
·         This year funding will not be provided for the Turf Club members so it will be somewhere around $40 per person. Look for more info to come in the near future.

New Logo

·         We are no longer allowed to use the ISU logo on any of our turf club items.
·         Please turn in new logo ideas to Spencer before next meeting. (9/16)
·         The Trans Mississippi Scholarship deadline is September 14th, It’s easy to apply and easy money.
·         ITI, Iowa GCSAA, and ISTMA Scholarships are coming up soon, the deadline this year is October 31st.


·         We are in need of some good fundraising ideas. The more we can raise the less the trips cost.
·         Any ideas should be submitted to Jeremy Ehlers.
Internship Presentations
·         If you went anywhere for an internship last summer and want to do a presentation during a turf club meeting than let Spencer know ASAP.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Turf Club Meeting Minutes 4/16/2013

Turf Club Golf Tournament
April 27 will be played at Veenker Memorial Golf Course in Ames, Iowa.
Cost for turf club members is $20 and for non-turf club members is $40.
Please contact Spencer Nelson (President), Evan Alderman , or Joel Rieker (Vice President) if you are playing and if you are bringing any guests by this Friday April 19.

Reiman Garden Application
Scheduled for April 17, 2013 was CANCELLED.
Rescheduled for next Thursday April 25.

Veishea Horticulture Float
Scheduled for Friday at 2:00
Need volunteers to cut sod for the float from the research farm.
We need volunteers to paint the logo on the sod for the float.

Both the Reiman Application and setting up the Float will go toward hours for the trips next year.

Next turf Meeting on April 30th
We will not be meeting on campus, but instead will be going out to the new ISU Golf Performance Center South of Ames
We will meet with guest speaker Chad Wilson CGCS from the Harvester who will show us around the new facility.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly Notes 1/22/13

A few things from tonight's meeting:

1) GCSAA Turf Bowl Study sessions will be held in Hort. 160 (the lab at the end of the hall) the following times:
Wednesday the 23rd, tomorrow, at 5:30
Friday the 25th at 3:00
Friday the 1st at 3:00
Monday the 4th at 5:30

You should be studying hard, its crunch time! Get together with your teams!

2) If you are traveling to San Diego you owe the club $75. This is due immediately, get your check or cash to Andrew Doyle, Dan Strey, or Myself.

3) Iowa Turfgrass Conference is being held in Des Moines next week and we still need volunteers. If you received a scholarship you will be there anyway and have no reason not to give them a little bit of your time. The sign up sheet is outside Nick's office, get signed up by Thursday so we can let them know who is going to be there. If you volunteer you need to be there 30 minutes early. Also if you have received a scholarship please let me know which scholarship.

4) If you are traveling to San Diego you are required to sign up for a time to man the Turf Club booth. You only have to sign up for one two hour shift and you are off the hook. Get signed up NOW,

5) If any Spring 2013 graduates are looking for a job an assistant position is opening up at Rumson Country Club in Rumson, New Jersey. Ben Stover is the superintendent at the course and is a past graduate of Iowa State. If anyone is interested they can get in contact with Mr. Stover at
Ben Stover
Golf Course Superintendent
Rumson Country Club
Rumson, NJ 07728
(732) 842-5096