Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Minutes for October 29, 2013 Meeting

Turf Club Minutes

Scholarship Applications
  • Thursday, today is the last possible day to get your ITI, IGCSA, and ISTMA scholarship applications in. This does not take long to do and there is quite a bit of money in these scholarships and if you aren’t a senior it would be wise to fill them out. Turn your applications in to Nick or Dan at some point today.
  • For those of you attending the STMA trip you need to get your $150 deposit for the trip to Spencer as soon as possible. This deposit is just to secure your spot and if enough funding is raised you will receive the deposit back. Go to the turf club events to receive funding!
Reiman Gardens
  • The last Reiman app will be tomorrow at 3:00 pm. We will be doing a broadcast application as well as a sprayer app. If you have you Chemical applicators license please attend.
  • If you can’t come at three we need people to help get everything loaded and brought over to Reiman earlier in the day, so the ability to pick up hours is still there.
United Way Auction
  • We have chosen November 2nd as the day to fulfill the 10 hours of yard work. This means if we get ten people there we will only be there for 1 hour. Look for info to come soon about the meeting place and time. These hours will also be added to the trips if you attend.
  • Turf club apparel order forms have been sent. Clothes should be here somewhat soon

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