Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekly Notes 1/22/13

A few things from tonight's meeting:

1) GCSAA Turf Bowl Study sessions will be held in Hort. 160 (the lab at the end of the hall) the following times:
Wednesday the 23rd, tomorrow, at 5:30
Friday the 25th at 3:00
Friday the 1st at 3:00
Monday the 4th at 5:30

You should be studying hard, its crunch time! Get together with your teams!

2) If you are traveling to San Diego you owe the club $75. This is due immediately, get your check or cash to Andrew Doyle, Dan Strey, or Myself.

3) Iowa Turfgrass Conference is being held in Des Moines next week and we still need volunteers. If you received a scholarship you will be there anyway and have no reason not to give them a little bit of your time. The sign up sheet is outside Nick's office, get signed up by Thursday so we can let them know who is going to be there. If you volunteer you need to be there 30 minutes early. Also if you have received a scholarship please let me know which scholarship.

4) If you are traveling to San Diego you are required to sign up for a time to man the Turf Club booth. You only have to sign up for one two hour shift and you are off the hook. Get signed up NOW,

5) If any Spring 2013 graduates are looking for a job an assistant position is opening up at Rumson Country Club in Rumson, New Jersey. Ben Stover is the superintendent at the course and is a past graduate of Iowa State. If anyone is interested they can get in contact with Mr. Stover at
Ben Stover
Golf Course Superintendent
Rumson Country Club
Rumson, NJ 07728
(732) 842-5096