Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Turf Club Meeting 9/17/13

For those of you who could not make it to the meeting here is what was discussed

Fall Golf Outing
  • This Saturday 9/21/13
  • Indian Creek in Nevada
  • Tee Off at 9:00 am
  • $35 gets you 18 holes as well as a sack lunch
  • This is an opportunity to get to know your fellow turf students as well as a chance to bring friends and family for cheap golf.
  • Let Spencer know by Wednesday night (9/18) if you want to play

ISTMA Workshop
  • Thursday 9/19/13  It is THIS THURSDAY. Please let Nick or Dan know ASAP if you would like to attend
  • Cost is $20 per student
  • This workshop is a great way to learn more about the industry as well as network with future employers.
  • Hosted by Tim VanLoo at the new athletic field complex

  • We decided to sell raffle tickets for the signed flag from the Reno Tahoe Open that Spencer and Andrew brought back from their internship
  • Cost was over $120 to get it framed so we need to sell tickets to try and get a profit from it.
  • Cost is $5 a ticket or 5 tickets for $20
  • The Drawing will be held on January 30th at the IGCSA conference

  • These Scholarship applications are all due October 31st
  • Some of these require an Advisor support letter so get started and talk to Nick soon.

Logo Problems
  • We are now able to use the ISU logo so we decided to keep them the same as last year.
  • More info on clothing to come soon

United Way Auction
  • As a Club we voted to donate a total of 10 hours to the United Way Auction.
  • This means that in the near future we will need volunteers to do fall cleanup for whoever buys those hours at the auction
  • Keep in mind that these hours worked will go towards the STMA and GCSAA trips for whoever is able to help.

Turf Bowl and STMA Trips
  • For those interested in going on the trips you need to register as a member of either the GCSAA or the STMA in order to go. Do this now before the trips sneak up on us.
  • STMA cost $25
  • GCSAA cost $30

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Powerpoint from Tuesday's meeting

First Turf Club meeting September 3, 2013

Turf Club Minutes
Tuesday, September 3rd

Rieman Garden App.

·         Took place at 3:00 this afternoon (9/5)
·         This was be a single product granular app so which took an hour to apply
·         Keep in mind that attendance to these projects counts towards the GCSAA and STMA trips and will help dramatically cut down the cost of the trips.

Turf Bowl and STMA

·         We are trying to get a rough estimate on how many people are planning on going on the trips this year. If you are planning on going or want to find out more contact Spencer.
·         Turf Bowl is February 3-6 this year and will be in Orlando, Florida.
·         STMA is January 22-24 and will be in San Antonio, Texas.
·         Studying for both of these will start up within the next couple of weeks so continue checking your email to find out more info on the study sessions.

Golf Outing

·         September 21st is the date chosen for the fall golf outing this year
·         The three courses mentioned at the meeting were Indian Hills, Veenker, and Honey Creek. If you have any other ideas for the outing let Spencer Nielson know immediately as this outing is already being planned.
·         This year funding will not be provided for the Turf Club members so it will be somewhere around $40 per person. Look for more info to come in the near future.

New Logo

·         We are no longer allowed to use the ISU logo on any of our turf club items.
·         Please turn in new logo ideas to Spencer before next meeting. (9/16)
·         The Trans Mississippi Scholarship deadline is September 14th, It’s easy to apply and easy money.
·         ITI, Iowa GCSAA, and ISTMA Scholarships are coming up soon, the deadline this year is October 31st.


·         We are in need of some good fundraising ideas. The more we can raise the less the trips cost.
·         Any ideas should be submitted to Jeremy Ehlers.
Internship Presentations
·         If you went anywhere for an internship last summer and want to do a presentation during a turf club meeting than let Spencer know ASAP.